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Monday, February 27, 2012

People are generally idiots...

So the other night I was at the front desk minding my business when this group of four drunken morons walk into the hotel and request a room with 1 king bed.  There were two drunk assholes with two very hot girls, immediately I was thinking what are these girls doing  here with these douches but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, they did not have a credit card (surprise, surprise) so they paid Cash which as per my hotels Cash policy requires that the Room, tax plus a $250 deposit be secured up front. They managed to  scrape the money together so I checked them in.  Approximately 30 minutes later the four of them show up at the front desk to check out, loser 1 says that the room "is insufficient for their needs", I am thinking to myself wtf its 3am and the room has a comfortable bed, but whatever...  They were demanding both their deposit be returned as well as the Room & Tax, I agreed to refund the Room & tax if the room had been untouched and was in rentable condition, they all said they "didn't touch a thing".

At this time I went to check the room and found the following: Bed sheets were very messy, several chip bags on the floor, shit in the toilet, room wreaked of smoke and marijuana and there was a cigarette butt on the floor by the bed.

I proceeded back to the front desk and found only one guy and one girl had stuck arround, I informed them what I found and that they would not be getting any money refunded and we were keeping their deposit due to the fact that they had smoked in the room (my hotel has a $250 charge for smoking in a room).  To say they were less than pleased would be an understatement, the guy started screaming at me calling me names telling me how I'm going to return his "fucking money" and how he's going to "sue us and have my job", etc, etc.  I informed him of the sign right inside the room which states that we have a $250 cleaning fee for smoking in a room and also showed him his reg card which had his initials directly beside the part that mentioned the smoking fee.

He carried on for a few more minutes then was on my way when I started dialing the non-emergency number for the local police department.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sorry to my readers...

To my readers,

I have not been keeping up this site like I had originally intended and for that I am truly Sorry.

From now on I will make every attempt to make a minimum of 3 postings per week.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is Service?

I pose this question to anyone reading.  How do you define service?  Is simply meeting your expectations providing good service?  Or does a company need to blow you out of the water by providing Exceptional service?

The reason I ask is becasue the hotel I work for presently provides very "average" service and management seams very okay with this... Where I come from if we only met the customers expections then we have failed.  I have always been taught that in order to keep loyal customers one must provide truly exceptional service and exceed their expectations at every opportunity. 


Monday, November 07, 2011

The locked gate should be an indication that the pool IS CLOSED

I am truly tired of dealing with idiots.

My hotel has an indoor pool which is located in sort of an indoor tropical courtyard.  The pool is secured overnight by a deadbolted gate about 4 feet in height after which there is a few steps which leads to the pool deck.

Anyway, the other night I get a call from our night janitor that there is some sort of pool party happening (at about 1am well after the pool is closed.  I head down to the pool and tell them all to get out of the pool, they argued for a few minutes that we should have a sign, etc.  I mentioned to them that the fact that they had to climb over the gate should have been a pretty good clue that it was closed since that is not the usual way to gain access to the pool. 

About an hour later the night janitor calls back and says they're back,  I go down and they start laughing this time.  I follow them to their rooms this time which are all in a row and law down a few rules.  I tell them that there will be no parties since there are other people trying to sleep, they will not be going back in the pool, hot tub or any other part of the hotel that is closed and/or off limits, if they violate my terms the police will be called and they will be asked to leave the hotel.

About a half hour later I get a call from a room in their hallway that there are two naked people in the hallway.  Imagine my amazement when I get to the floor and discover that it is the same morons I have kicked out of the pool twice.  I tell him to go back to his room then proceed downstairs and call the local police.  The police arrive a few minutes later and I tell the responding officers that these two rooms need to go explained why we are asking them to leave.  I accompany the officers to the rooms and one guy starts arguing with the cops that this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, where are they suposed to go, etc.  The cop respons buddy you were naked in the F----in hallway and broke into the pool in the middle of the night (I corrected him by saying "twice") and you think the hotel is over reacting, then addresses the "where are we suposed to go" question with "I don't care where you go as long as it isn't here and if you have no place we can arrange cheap accomodations for you.

They ended up going to another hotel.


Friday, November 04, 2011

We are not a fleabag motel so don't ask for the "fleabag" rate

I am quite annoyed at the moment.  I just had a guy walk in wanting to know our rates, fine, I quoted him our normal Rack rate (our highest rate for a given night, generally reserved for walk ins) which was $169, the guy says "seriously, the hotel down the street is selling their rooms for $69/nt how the hell can you guys possibly stay in business".  I told the guy if he takes the $69/nt motel down the street he will likely have some unwelcome roommates in the cockroach variety and reiterated that we are infact a 3.5 star property, I don't think the hotel down the street even makes it as high as the star rating system. 

If you are going to a hotel you have to compare apples to apples, you can't compare a dumpy little motel to a 3.5 star full service hotel. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

People need to actually SHOW UP when they are scheduled

I was training a new PT Night Auditor, he had worked as a GSA before but never a Night Auditor.  He did okay with the training, would have been happier if he had grasped things a bit but I was confident that he wouldn't totally screw things up so I gave the green light to my manager to schedule him by himself so I could actually take a day off. 

Its my first day off in about 3 weeks, I'm sitting home relaxing watching some TV arround 11:30 PM when my phone rings, I have a look at the call display and said out loud F----.  When I answered the FD girl said hey the new guy didn't show up, I was quite pissed and asked if she had tried calling him to which she replied "no its a bit late", seriously??  I said he is a NIGHT AUDITOR if he is not awake then he damn well should be plus you had no problems calling me.  She hangs up and tries calling him, no answer.  I say fine, jump in my car and drive the ten minutes to the hotel.  I pick up the phone and start calling his home phone repeatedly over and over again after about the 4th or 5th time he finally answered.  My first words to him were where u suposed to be bud, he says oh ya I was scheduled tonight,  well I forgot to call but I don't think the NA job is really for me so I think I'm going to call it quits.  So now I am pissed and reply was your phone broken today? did you just get it fixed?  Why didn't you man up and call and tell someone you quit so they could try to get your shift covered instead of totally burning your bridges and not showing up.  He's like "sorry man".

So I am stuck there out of uniform and forced to work overnight because I happen to be the only employee at that time who is trained on the Night Audit procedures. My manager comes in the morning and starts off on me for the no uniform thing, I said look I did you guys a hell of a favour, came in on my first day off in 3 weeks to cover for some moron who was too chicken shit to call and tell someone that he quit.  I came in to help because the girls said he was MIA and I was expecting that he was just running late, I would have been within my rights to just tell you its your problem and stay home watching my TV.  My manager apologized and asked if I could cover until they get a replacement, I told her yes under one condition she agrees to train atleast one of the day staff on NA as a back up incase this happens again, she agreed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye Bye Drunken Prom kids...

A couple years ago I was unfortunate enough to encounter about a dozen or so prom kids who were checked into adjoining rooms.  I saw them coming back from their prom arround midnight or so and they were being very loud and obnoxious as they entered the hotel through the lobby, so I decided to have a talk with them in an attempt to resolve any problems and develop some sort of an understanding with them before they went anywhere near the rooms.  I called them over to the front desk, explained who I am, The Night Manager at the hotel and that while they are certainly welcome to enjoy their stay with us they must respect the fact that other people are sleeping and that there will be absolutely no party's in the hotel or they will be asked to leave.  If you are able to have a good time quietly then fine but if not then you're going to have a very short stay.  The one guy who I assume was showing off for his girl pipes up and says "relax buddy it's our F&*^%n prom and we're damn well going to enjoy it, and besides I read somewhere that it is illegal for anyone to be kicked out without a court order" and blah blah blah.  I informed him that he read wrong and that I have kicked many people out and infact have never been required to have a court order.  I went on to say that I had no interest in arguing with someone 15 years younger then me and told them to just go to their rooms and be quiet. 

Sure enough a few minutes later the phone starts ringing from guests pissed off because they were awoken at midnight by "a bunch of drunken hoodlems".  I proceed up to the room, knock on the door obnoxious dude answers and says "what the F--- do you want", all I say is "first warning you don't want me back up here" and I left.  Ten minutes later guests are getting pissed that the noise from my little friends hasn't yet subsided".  I go back, obnoxious guy answers again with a similar greeting, I tell him "buddy this is your second warning for noise, if I get any  more complaints you will be asked to leave the hotel".  Well this was about the funniest thing these morons had ever heard as obnoxious dude from before as well as another idiot and a girl who happened to be near the door started laughing as well.  Obnoxious dude says to me "most of us are only 17 which means we're minors and we've been drinking"  you can't throw us out because if anything happens to us you're liable and my fathers a lawyer and will sue you into the F----in stone age".  I suggest to him that he may not know what the hell he is talking about and tell him that "if I get so much as one more phone call or if I happen to be walking by and hear a peep they will be out and I am not particularly worried about being sued".

Phone rings again not even 5 minutes later, I get off the phone with the guest and get on the phone with the local police dispatcher.  I informed the dispatcher that we have a room full of minors who are partying and are most likely very intoxicated and we would like police to assist with an eviction.  About 10  minutes later the police show up, two very big intimidating guys who I knew right away weren't going to take any crap from a bunch of kiddies.  I brief them on the situation tell them that I don't particularly care about their excuses or promises they may make at this point and I want them out, the officers agreed that what I was asking was very reasonable and that they would clear out the room.

So I accompany the police to the room, knock on the door, obnoxious guy and his girl answer the door and see me standing there with two cops, I will never forget the look on this guys face when he saw the cops there.  I explained to him that due to the numerious noise complaints and them refusing to listen to the warnings I gave them we were asking them to leave.  He starts talking to me reasonably this time (likely since the cops were there) I basically said to him that the time for promises and negotions was over and I was standing by my decision to ask them to leave.  Another guy who had been quiet thus far pipes up and says to me and the cops you can't F----in kick us out we paid for this room this is BS I'm not F----in leaving.  This is about the time one of the cops pushes the door the rest of the way open and walks in to find 12 high school kids (minors) trying to hide arround the corner (it's an L shaped room).  He says gets on his radio and calls for a wagon and back up since he has 12 drunk minors with no place to go then pipes up and says boys and girls everyone down to the lobby right now, anyone who refuses will be going down in handcuffs.  They get down to the lobby and are met by a wagon and several more cruisers.  In the lobby the police inform them that they are all under arrest for underage drinking & creating a public disturbance and they proceed to cuff them all and put them into the wagon. 

This is definately one of the more interesting experiences of my career.